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Trudy’s Beauty Shop is a salon for men, women, and children that is dedicated to moving in the direction of healthier hair care and healthier hair products. Trudy uses only the highest quality, proper pH color and haircare products.                  

Trudy is the head, heart, and hands behind every hair service. Her expertise prevents problems rising from at-home, self application of over-the-counter color and perm products.

An appointment with Trudy helps to avoid:

- Allergy to products -

- Product interaction -

- Product residue -

- Incorrect color -

- Hair damage -

Trudy is a licensed Cosmetologist. She has studied with REDKEN as a specialist and is now a REDKEN Master Specialist. She has had classes with Beth Minardi, the award-winning colorist for JOICO.

She is trained to recommend the best products to support your hair style at home.

She attends the Spring and Fall industry hair shows for the most recent information on products and hair fashion style and design.

Her focus is to provide the best service with superior hair products, while delighting in the process of making her clients look great and feel better.




Basic Men's & Boy's  20

Basic Women's Trim  20

Basic Wash, Cut, & Style  42

Layer Cuts   24 & Up 

Blowdry - Short 10   Medium 12   Long/Thick 15

Stretch Blowdry - Short 12  Medium 15           Long/Thick 20

Shampoo  8

Reconstruction RX  35

Vapor Ironing  15 


Basic Retouch  43

Highlighting  Consultation for Pricing

Lowlighting  Consultation for Pricing

Fashion Color  Consultation for Pricing

Refreshing Gloss  38

Retouch & Gloss  73

Color Correction  Consultation for Pricing


Partial  42 & up

Short Hair  65    

Long Hair  70 & Up

Spirals  70 & Up


Wedding, Prom, and PartyHair Designs     

Consultation for Pricing





FAIRY TAILS • It's a 10 • ISO

Other Major Brands Available by Order  

Get the advantage of beautiful, healthy hair by using Joico hair color products and other Joico hair products to restore hair to its natural health and luster while you are creating the perfect style and color!
  Whether hair is dry, damaged, color-treated, fine and lifeless, coarse and unmanageable, or just needs a little something extra to make it really healthy and beautiful, Joico's salon hair products offer targeted solutions to meet every hair type's specific needs.
  Quadramine Complex is the scientifically proven key to the effectiveness of Joico's hair care products, which incorporate Human Hair Keratin Protein in a wide range of molecular sizes to suit every hair care need. Joico hair products actually repair damage to hair while you are styling it, at every step of the way from shampoo to adding hair color products to final blow-drying.


With the highest concentration of Quadramine Complex in its formulas, Joico K-PAK delivers the ultimate in healthy hair. Joico K-PAK products work synergistically to rebuild, reconstruct, strengthen and protect damaged hair.


HAIRSTYLE • Achieve any look with styling products specially formulated for straightening, shine, volume, texture and curls.

HAIRCARE • Cleanse, moisturize, nourish, strengthen, smooth, repair and protect every type of hair.



Styling Products for Men collection, arranged by level of control, offers an array of styling options. From pomade to paste and gel to fiber gum, there are mild, medium, and maximum control products that will help.


ISO Hair

Iso Hair Products is the prescription for beautiful hair. The only Rx you need to restore your hair to its natural, healthy condition. It's what you've been waiting for - from a company recognized for its heritage of innovation and commitment to optimal hair health. Iso Hair Products takes hair care to a new level with a balanced, therapeutic range of products designed to cater to the needs of hair. Thanks to ISO's Tri-Active Technology, this revolutionary line can help restore hair to its healthiest state.


IN-HOME Hair Care for Home Bound

If you or your loved one is home bound due to immobility, surgery, or long-term illness, Trudy will provide the hair service needed, with courtesy, kindness, and caring.

Trudy adjusts to the condition of the surroundings, whether it be a hospital bed, wheel chair, or walker. All necessary hair care equipment is brought in.

Thursdays only. References are available.